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We started Lighthouse Technology Solutions because we saw a need in the Telecommunications industry for complex systems at a fair price and hands-on customer service, project management, vendor management, contract management, and consulting. After working in this industry for years, we have the know-how and experience to install and design virtually any phone and internet solution in any part of the US. It is common to see phone and internet providers sell products and services that are far more than what their customer needed. However, when you come to us, we will do an in-depth analysis of your current system to break down your needs as a company, what you have, and the price you’re paying. From there, we’ll give you this detailed quote and let you make the decision that is best for you. We pride ourselves on doing what’s best for you at all times. Our founder and owner is involved in every project from start to finish to ensure each customer gets top-notch care. It is important to him that Lighthouse is a one-stop-shop for customers who need a complete solution. With a background in project management, vendor management, contract management, business ownership, and consulting, he is very skilled at ensuring that the project and on-going account management meets the expectations of the client from start to finish.

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Guidance and consulting are what we stand for as referenced in our name “Lighthouse”. The purpose of lighthouses was to guide commerce in the right direction to develop solutions that created safety and prevented catastrophe, so we model our business after the purpose of lighthouses. At Lighthouse Technology Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the state-of-the-art technology solutions they deserve at a price they can afford. When you come to us for your free quote, we will get to work by creating a detailed analysis of your current products and services. In this document, we will set everything up side-by-side, so you can see what services you currently have and what Telecom expense management, bill scrubbing, and technology upgrades we can offer you. With this information, you can see which option is best for you; or if you’re in a contract right now, you can see what opportunities may be available for when your contract expires. Even if you don’t choose to purchase your phone and internet providers through us, we would be happy to offer our telecom consulting services, so you can get our expert advice as Lighthouse Technology Solutions offers Telecom consulting services for customers who choose to purchase their services through a different vendor. These consulting services could involve one-off projects or on-going account management, vendor management, expense management, contract management, implementation management and more to work alongside any Telecom companies you may choose to purchase your services through. To learn more about how we can guide you toward the best technology solutions, give us a call at 612-345-9177.

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If you are looking for technology solutions for your commercial business, contact Lighthouse Technology Solutions today. With our plethora of technology offerings and capabilities, we can help you procure the services you need to be successful. To learn more about our services or to request a free quote, give us a call at 612-345-9177 or message us on our contact page.