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Jeff at Lighthouse Technology Solutions saved me a lot of time and money! My law office has a phone system that I’ve never really understood. For years, I didn’t want to think about it because it was confusing and I didn’t want to waste my time trying to figure it all out. After meeting Jeff, I sent him one invoice from my phone system vendor, and he showed me several places where I could save money. He also provided multiple quotes from other vendors that saved me more than $2,700 over three years—a 37% savings over my existing system! Jeff organized the information so that I could easily understand it all. I strongly recommend Jeff and Lighthouse Technology Solutions to any business with a phone system. I will never make another decision about my phone system without talking to Jeff first.

Attorney in St. Paul, MN

After being approached by countless telecommunications companies over the past five years Pacific Coast Locators, Inc. was finally ready to upgrade from an analog phone system, to a VOIP system. This was a very daunting task to me as the office manager of a very busy small company and I kept putting it off. Then we met Mr. Jeff Sorenson, the wonderful telecommunications representative who connected us to the whole new world of the VOIP platform through the communications company 8x8.

We transitioned from our old analog Partner System to the new Polycom Business IP phones. Working with Jeff through the transition process was an overall excellent experience. From start to finish, Jeff helped us navigate the inevitable issues that come up when upgrading anything, especially a phone system. He gave us step by step instructions by phone and email and was always available when we needed help. He is a marvelous problem solver, which is a valuable trait when it comes to this industry. He also took the time to audit our bills for the first few months to show us just how much money we were saving by switching our system and carrier.

We are all very happy with our new phone system. It has features that we did not know at the time of the initial set-up would become absolutely invaluable during this historic and pivotal time. To be able to receive office phone calls on my cell phone has enabled me to work from home, or anywhere else for that matter, with ease. There are so many tools now available to us through this single communications platform, it is astounding!

Thank you very much, Mr. Sorenson, for guiding us through the process all the while providing us with very patient, helpful and reliable service!

Office Manager at Pacific Coast Locators, Inc.