SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN Solutions in Minneapolis, MN

SD-WAN Solutions

As your Twin Cities business continues to grow, so should your business internet service. Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (SD-WAN) are designed to specifically adhere to the networking performance needs of your expanding enterprise, by offering cloud-based networking services that can instantly enhance accessibility, security, and customization, by providing a more integrated, streamlined networking resource.

At Lighthouse Technology Solutions, we can connect your company with accommodating SD-WAN solutions, presenting you with optimal business internet providers that will equip you with the cloud platforms necessary to improve business internet speeds, reliability, and efficiency. To upgrade your company’s business internet service, contact Lighthouse Technology Solutions today to receive a free quote on all of our services!

Business Benefits of SD-WAN Solutions

What makes a Software-Defined Wide-Area Network an essential virtual solution for growing businesses is its connectivity and collaborative potential. SD-WAN is compatible with a wide variety of business internet services, including Multi-Protocol Label Switching networks (MPLS), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Long-Term Evolution communication networks (LTE), and basically all broadband internet services.

Essentially, an SD-WAN encompasses a centralized control function that securely directs traffic across your company’s telecommunications network, strengthening connectivity performance and offering a greater user experience, while reducing overall IT costs. It also is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for managing your entire telecommunications network, offering users the ability to review and control all aspects of their WAN from one accessible dashboard.

With the cloud-based services integrated into SD-WANs, you’ll be able to stay better connected with users accessing the network from anywhere in the world, through a wide variety of mobile and technological devices as well. The primary communicative advantages SD-WANs can provide businesses include:

Customized Communication

From custom traffic routing options to instantly adjusting bandwidth performance as need be, SD-WANs are designed to accommodate and enhance all your company’s specific telecommunications needs.

Seamless Integration

Our team of telecommunications specialists will be able to assess your company’s current network technology and infrastructure to determine which specific SD-WAN solutions will work best for your business, while offering a quick, seamless integration of SD-WAN services.

Enhanced Security

SD-WAN solutions are designed to beef up your company’s virtual security protection, boosting your line of defense against any online risks to the integrity of the data and traffic of your telecommunications network.


SD-WAN solutions are essentially the ultimate form of bundling your company’s IT infrastructure, helping you get more value in regards to improving internet speeds, security measures, cloud-based features, and more!

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Your company’s telecommunication needs can change on a whim. If you’re looking for a business internet provider upgrade, Lighthouse Technology Solutions has the IT resources your company needs to achieve your communicative goals!

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