6 Data Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

6 Data Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Choosing the right data storage solutions for your company is crucial, but with all the prospects, it can be challenging to narrow them down. The primary purposes of the storage are to act as a security component, file-sharing enabler, and data redundancy tool, so you need performance and reliability.

Lighthouse Technology Solutions understands the complexity of integrating the right system, so let's break down six great possibilities.

Why Data Storage Matters for Small Businesses

Data storage is one of the most critical parts of your business, especially with all the technological advances. Simply put, it's where any electronic files are stored and can keep your records safe from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.

Having reliable storage can help you make better business decisions, encourage company growth, and give you greater efficiency because it can help you improve communication between your clients and employees, reduce the risk of data loss, and better understand your budget.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives have been a trusted option for over 30 years. They have a lower cost per GB, are portable, and are easy to replace if the drive breaks. The drives are supported with Windows storage spaces and can be formatted and used like an internal drive.

The biggest drawback with this option is that they are more susceptible to physical damage, which can result in data loss if you don't have an additional backup system like a USB drive.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud storage is ideal if you need to access data from multiple devices or locations. This is a more secure option than traditional methods because the data is stored in a center off-site from your business.

The main drawback to cloud storage is that it can be a more expensive option, and if you want extra security features, these can also come at an additional price.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are easy to use, portable, and small, making them a popular option for small amounts of information. They are easily connected to computers and can be used as a backup for hard disks, and even though they are a smaller shape and size, they have huge data storage capacities.

Their main drawbacks include the possibility of loss or theft, they do not have an unlimited lifespan, and they are only good for about 100,000 cycles before they can fail.

Direct Attached

The DAS will be connected directly to the computer rather than the server, providing high speed while working with the data. It's also cheaper and comes with easier installation, but it's not convenient for backing up data on multiple workstations since it needs to be moved between units.


This solution can combine multiple hard drives into one unit. It offers increased performance and protection and can hold large amounts of information. It provides the option to check for system crashes and time to understand and repair the issue. However, RAID costs much more than other options and will require extra IT support.


SANS is a block-based network storage solution containing multiple interconnected devices within a network. It combines NES and DAS and is a dedicated storage network attached to a server. It uses distinct protocols for data transfer between the server and storage and requires a specialized and dedicated network with its own unique maintenance and configuration.

Trusted Technological Solutions Streamlined for Your Business

Having the proper data storage solution for your company is crucial because it offers better efficiency and data security and can help save you money. This is why it's crucial to research telecom companies that can provide you with expert results, and Lighthouse Technology Solutions is your trusted source in Minnesota.

Whether you need a new business phone system or are considering installing digital signage, we can help you find a solution that works for you. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions, so call us at 612-345-9177 or message us online to schedule an appointment.

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