Should Your Business Incorporate Digital Signage in 2023? 5 Benefits to Consider

Should Your Business Incorporate Digital Signage in 2023? 5 Benefits to Consider

If you've strolled through a modern healthcare facility, office building, or shopping center, you've no doubt witnessed digital signage in action. At first glance, it's easy to assume its benefits are obvious: it improves the look of a space and modernizes it essentially. But beyond that glaringly obvious benefit, digital signage offers businesses several other advantages. 

Curious about what those advantages are and whether your business can benefit from incorporating digital signage? The experts at Lighthouse Technology Solutions have the details below. 

Digital Signage Enhances Company Communication

Digital signage doesn't just improve how your customers and clients experience your business. It can also help improve internal communications in several ways, including: 

Increases Staff Motivation

Your organization can use digital signage to create leaderboards for sales teams. An easily updatable visual display helps improve sales numbers and can also help stimulate healthy competition with other internal sales teams. 

Keeps Employees Updated

Even if your business is spread across multiple locations, digital signage can distribute important messages to them all. With digital signs, an organization can display important company updates and messaging to ensure employees across every location are well-informed. 

Provides Consistent Staff Training

Digital signs provide an excellent training tool for new employees. Because signs can store libraries of content, employees can use them to access important information when they need to refresh their knowledge. Organizations can also use signs to display tutorials and videos that provide valuable employee training. 

Digital Signage Draws Attention to Increase Awareness

If you've seen digital signage in action, you already know it captures the attention of most passersby. But it does more than that. Beyond simply capturing attention, digital signage can also help increase customers' and clients' awareness of important information. It can:

Distribute Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, your business can quickly create and distribute important updates across all the digital signs in your building. This allows customers to be well-informed about critical directions and safety information.  

Provide Customized, Targeted Content

Your customers and clients are far more likely to interact with content that's tailored to their specific preferences. Digital signage allows your organization to display targeted content and lets customers and clients pick and choose relevant content independently.

Specialized software enables content playlists to adjust automatically based on a variety of user inputs to ensure the content your business displays is always relevant to visitors. 

Help Customers and Clients Retain Information

With our ever-decreasing attention spans, many people retain information better when presented in an attention-grabbing, visual format. Digital signage is that format. If you want customers and clients to pay attention to and retain important information, display your messaging with digital signage. 

Reduce Perceived Waiting Time

Research has found that digital signage use is expected to continue growing, and placing them in waiting rooms can reduce perceived customer wait times by up to 30%. Since audiences are attracted to and stimulated by video, digital signs provide necessary entertainment to mitigate frustrations in businesses with extended wait times.

Digital Signage Can Help Increase Revenue

Digital signs offer businesses a deeper, underlying advantage: financial gain. Beyond entertaining customers and providing visual enhancement, digital signage can be used to cut costs and create additional revenue in multiple ways, including:

Simple, Cost-effective Signage Updates

With digital signage, your business can dramatically reduce the number of paper-based promotional materials it must order on a routine basis. Not only does this save money long-term, it also allows you to ensure your information is always up to date with little effort. 

Display Ads

Since digital signage so effectively captures customers' attention, it's a great way to display advertising. Your business can generate additional revenue by selling ad space to organizations that share a similar audience but provide non-competing products or services. Similarly, you can advertise your services to more effectively promote your business. 

Reduce Human Resources Requirements

Depending on the type of digital signage your business implements, it may help you decrease strain on staff. Well-designed, interactive signage can free employees to be more productive in other business areas while providing necessary services, directions, and visitor updates. 

Entertain Customers and Guests With Digital Signage

For customers and guests, one of the most irksome things about visiting any business is the wait time. Whether that means hanging out in a waiting room for an appointment or waiting in line to speak with a staff member, no one loves a long wait.

If the nature of your business requires guests to wait in line for service, digital signage can provide you an opportunity to entertain those guests with custom content like:

Your Brand Story

Share your history or a behind-the-scenes peek at your team with your customers. Consumers want to know who they're doing business with and how you align with their personal values and agenda. Digital signage allows you to communicate that info on autopilot.

Custom TV Feeds

Sure, you can turn on a regular TV in your waiting area, but that does nothing to reinforce your brand or strengthen relationships with your patrons. Why not create your own custom content that helps increase customer engagement with your business?

Social Streams

If you're on social media, share content from your social streams and posts from your followers to keep your audience updated on what's going on with your business.

Promotions and Ads

If you're running a promotion, want to push new products, or are having a sale, use your digital signage to increase awareness and sales. 

Studies have found that digital signage, when used to display entertainment and queue management information, can reduce customers' perceived wait time by up to 35%. While long queue lines are generally a good problem to have, if customers feel your wait times are excessive, they're likely to take their business elsewhere. 

Utilize Multiple Channels to Get Information Out

If you have ever used pamphlets, neon signs, posters, or banners, they can be great promotional materials, but the biggest issue that comes with them is you can't change them.

Once the information is printed, there is no chance of improving or altering it without extra costs. Investing in digital signage, whether for a menu, names of items, infographics, or a logo, simplifies the process because most programs only require a few clicks to change any mistakes or alter the information to be streamlined for your business needs.

In addition, if you are using traditional signage boards, when it comes to traditional signage, you can only use them once as opposed to digital options that can be altered as much as needed.

Considering Digital Signage for Your Minnesota Business? 

Is it time to implement digital signage in your organization? Are you still in the consideration stages? Let our team at Lighthouse Technology Solutions help you determine your business's needs!

We specialize in a wide variety of technology solutions for businesses across the United States and strive to provide cost-effective, personalized services for every organization's unique needs. 

To learn more about how we can help you, request a free quote, give us a call at 612-345-9177, or contact us online.   

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