5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your Business in 2022
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5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your Business in 2022

Since its inception, digital signage has helped innumerable businesses attract new customers, improve communication with visitors and staff, display important information, increase conversions, and enhance the overall customer experience. With social distancing guidelines in place, digital signage is now more important than ever for public-facing businesses of all kinds.

At Lighthouse Technology Solutions, we help business owners find and implement cost-effective tech systems designed to enhance their operation. If you’ve been considering digital signage, read on to learn more about how it can enhance your business in 2021 and beyond.

Programmable LED Signs Allow for Contactless Communication

It’s always been important for businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers. But now, as the pandemic has changed how humans interact publicly, safe and effective communication is of paramount concern.

That’s where digital signage comes in.

With digital signage, your business can communicate with customers, clients, staff, and guests as efficiently as possible while adhering to CDC-issued safety recommendations. Since many people are still wary about visiting locations where close contact is likely, having contactless communication helps instill confidence in the minds of your visitors. It also allows you to:

●        Communicate important, timely information with guests and staff to further increase safety at your location

●        Reinforce your branding by displaying custom content that aligns with your business goals

●        Improve staff performance by increasing employee engagement and simplifying company-wide communication

Digital signage allows you to get important information in front of the eyeballs that need to see it most in just a matter of minutes. Since you can pre-program displays, you can set your messaging on autopilot throughout the day. And, because updating displays requires just minutes, you can disseminate critical information throughout your business in a timely fashion. 

Entertain Customers and Guests With Digital Signage

For customers and guests, one of the most irksome things about visiting any business is wait time. Whether that means hanging out in a waiting room for an appointment or waiting in line to speak with a staff member, no one loves a long wait.

If the nature of your business requires guests to wait in line for service, digital signage can provide you an opportunity to entertain those guests with custom content like:

●        Your brand story. Share your history or a behind-the-scenes peek at your team with your customers. Consumers want to know who they’re doing business with and how you align with their personal values and agenda. Digital signage allows you to communicate that info on autopilot.

●        Custom TV feeds. Sure, you can turn on a regular TV in your waiting area, but that does nothing to reinforce your brand or strengthen relationships with your patrons. Why not create your own custom content that helps increase customer engagement with your business?

●        Social streams. If you’re on social media, share content from your social streams, as well as posts from your followers to keep your audience updated on what’s going on with your business.

●        Promotions and ads. If you’re running a promotion, want to push new products, or are having a sale, use your digital signage to increase awareness and ultimately, sales.   

Studies have found that digital signage, when used to display entertainment and queue management information, can reduce customers’ perceived wait time by up to 35%. While long queue lines are generally a good problem to have, if customers feel your wait times are excessive, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. 

Use Digital Signage to Create a New Revenue Stream

Using digital signage is an excellent way to advertise your own services and products. But beyond its advertising applications for your own business, it can also bring you a new revenue stream through paid advertising for other businesses.

You can sell ad space to non-competing companies that offer services and products that align with your target audience’s values and goals. You can structure ad pricing based on foot traffic, so if you have peak hours, you can charge a premium for ads that run during those times of day. You’ll help another business increase awareness around their offerings while adding to your own bottom line — win-win.

Utilize Multiple Channels to Get Information Out

If you have ever used pamphlets, neon signs, posters, or banners, they can be great promotional materials, but the biggest issue that comes with them is you can't change them. Once the information is printed, there is no chance of improving or altering them without extra costs. Investing in digital signage, whether for a menu, names of items, infographics, or a logo, simplifies the process because most programs only require a few clicks to change any mistakes or alter the information to be streamlined for your business needs.

In addition, if you are using traditional signage boards, when it comes to traditional signage, you can only use them once as opposed to digital options that can be altered as much as needed.

Put More Money in Your Pocket Each Month for Reinvestment

When you consider traditional communication methods for marketing anything, digital signage may be more of an investment initially than conventional methods. But because of its versatility, it can pay for itself in promoting your services and products for your business in a flexible way that offers variety and doesn't require repeatedly purchasing new materials to print your information. Pictures can be applied quickly with just a few clicks using the digital signage software's content management system. And outdoor displays are ideal for standing out if you have a lower budget for any long-term marketing goals.

In addition, having the information readily available, whether a menu or sign, helps reduce the pressure on employees because the consumers can get the details more immediately, reducing their irritation and resulting in higher loyalty and satisfaction levels. All of this equals more money in your pocket each month because the digital signage will allow you to make improvements and adjustments as needed to help promote your business, keeping your customers more informed and happier.

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At Lighthouse Technology Solutions, we’re America's technology one-stop stop. If you’ve been considering digital signage for your commercial business, get in touch with us so we can help you find the right solutions for your unique needs. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, give us a call at 612-345-9177, request a free quote, or send us a message for more information.

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