What to Look for in a Business Cell Phone Plan

What to Look for in a Business Cell Phone Plan

As more companies adapt to changes in the workforce and encourage their employees to work remotely, the need for efficient, dependable, and consistent telecommunication services is more apparent than ever before.

This need specifically refers to business phone services, which, nowadays, is a crucial factor in dictating successful synergy for a company, as employees remain working out of the office.

Recent reports indicate that over 40% of the American workforce works remotely, and even as our country comes out of the pandemic, that number may not drastically reduce once everyone feels safer about shared working spaces.

A primary factor in keeping employees on the same page and maintaining pristine communication is what type of business cell phone plan your company utilizes. As smartphones continue to dominate the market and influence the way our industries do business, it’s essential for companies of all sizes to know what features and services of a corporate cell phone plan will work best for their employee’s needs.

To ensure your company is getting the most out of your business phone services, let’s look at what you need to look for when deciding on a quality, reliable, and accommodating business phone plan.

FAQ: Can You Use a Cell Phone as a Business Line?

While having a business phone number can help your company look more professional, using a traditional landline is not the only phone option available now. More individuals are turning to cell phones because business calls can be made directly to the number, or the calls can be forwarded directly to the cell phone, making it a portable and streamlined alternative to traditional services.

Evaluate Your Needs to Find the Right Cell Phone Plan

Before you even research which cell phone provider has the best network coverage or data plans, it’s essential to sit down and hash out what your company needs from a business phone plan.

If most of your employees are working close to each other and rarely travel for business, then you probably don’t need to spend too much on any features outside of basic wireless service.

Otherwise, if some of your employees are always on the go and constantly utilizing their phones to coordinate with clients or share information, you will need a much more resourceful, in-depth cell phone plan.

Evaluate your needs to identify the best cell phone plan for your business:

●        How many total phone lines does your company need?

●        Is an unlimited data plan necessary to facilitate communication and business?

●        Does your company frequently make international calls or mostly regional calls?

●        Would some of your employees or customers benefit from data-only plans that don’t require calling or texting?

●        Does your company need added security features to protect sensitive data and information or enhanced cloud storage?

●        Is smartphone hotspot speed and range a top priority?

The more you can define your answers to these questions and others, the easier it’ll be to determine the best course of action regarding an accommodating business cell phone plan.

Prioritize Dependable Network Coverage

Once you’ve established your company’s smartphone plan needs, you’ll want to do the necessary research to determine which cell phone provider has the most dependable network coverage in your area and any other areas your employees frequent.

This means assessing which of the major cell phone companies offer the best quality and most range for 4G LTE and 5G coverage. Some companies, such as T-Mobile, tend to offer better network coverage in heavily urban and metropolitan areas while not offering the most competitive coverage in more rural, less-populated locations.

While T-Mobile is currently a leading provider of 5G coverage, other popular companies such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless may offer a better combination of 4G LTE and 5G coverage and better signals in rural or less populated areas.

It’s important to consider what areas your employees will be spending the majority of their time in to find the network coverage that best suits your preferred proximities.

Here’s a brief look at our top three recommended providers for business cell phone plans!

T-Mobile Business Cell Phone Plans

All unlimited business cell phone plans on T-Mobile’s 5G network are packed with incredible benefits and value with no annual contracts. Top features include unlimited talk and text, unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data, unlimited hotspot data, and international texting and data. T-Mobile can support up to 12 lines and offers a $100 rebate with a new business Internet line activation.

AT&T Mobility Business Cell Phone Plans

AT&T offers three business plans, including the Starter, Performance, and Elite packages. The top features include unlimited talk text and data, 5G/5G+ access, and 24/7 active armor mobile security for fraud and spam blocking. AT&T is offering up to $350.00 in credits along with a new phone and new line and can support six or more devices.

Verizon Wireless Business Cell Phone Plans

Every Verizon Wireless business package plan includes unlimited mobile hotspots, 5G/4G LTE, spam blockers and call filters, and unlimited talk, text, and data. They can also support up to five or more lines and offer rebates of up to $800 on a purchase of new Apple iPhones.

Find a Balance Between Flexibility vs. Features

Sometimes what your company needs out of a cell phone provider now will drastically change in a year or even less. As the pandemic demonstrated for a lot of industries, traveling, both domestically and internationally, has severely decreased for a number of businesses in the past year – meaning that perhaps the cell phone plans they enlisted in prior to the pandemic aren’t best suited for their current needs.

This is why it’s important to take contracts into consideration when evaluating the best business cell phone plan. You should always emphasize flexibility when evaluating your business's best cell phone plan.

If you initially sign up for 12 cell phone lines, will your network provider be able to accommodate you if that number needs to increase or decrease, or will you be stuck with the number of lines you initially committed to?

If your company realizes that you’re spending too much on unlimited cell phone data when your employees don’t need it, will your provider be able to adjust your data plan accordingly?

These questions and others prove how complicated it can be to choose which cell phone provider best suits your company’s needs. Lighthouse Technology Solutions is here to help!

How Much Does a Business Cell Phone Plan Cost?

●        T-Mobile plans start at $25 for the basic and can go up to $50 with the option of adding a fee for international calling.

●        AT&T starts at $40 monthly and up to $55 when you activate five lines. They also offer a $10 monthly discount if you enroll in paperless billing and autopay.

●        Verizon's business plans start at $35 and go up to $50 with five or more lines. If you enroll in paper-free billing and autopay, the monthly cost is reduced by $5.

Business Phone Solutions for Your Twin Cities Company

When you need custom business phone services and solutions, Lighthouse Technology Solutions has the team and resources your Twin Cities business needs to determine what cell phone plans will best accommodate you and your employees.

We work with T- Mobile, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, and can guide you through the process of selecting the most flexible, affordable, and dependable business cell phone plan for your company!

Contact us today to learn more about our business phone system services, or call us at 612-345-9177 to schedule an appointment.

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