How to Prepare for a Switch to VoIP Phone Services for Your Business

How to Prepare for a Switch to VoIP Phone Services for Your Business

In today's day and age, reliable communication can make or break a business. Communication lines need to be optimally organized for consistent access between your team and your clients or customers.

Switching to VoIP phone systems is a big step for your business. It's best to get brushed up on VoIP phone systems and how to prepare for the switch.

What Does VoIP Mean?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, VoIP phone service uses the pathways of the Internet over local telephone towers and wires.

VoIP phone systems have been around almost as long as the Internet, with businesses and residents using it as early as the late 1990s.

The VoIP Process

The process of VoIP connecting you with customers or clients over the Internet is done in a few simple steps:

●        When making a call, your phone connects with your router in your Local Area Network (or LAN) for short.

●        Your IP address will communicate with your phone, sending the outgoing call to the receiving party.

●        Data packages from each phone party exchange.

●        Your VoIP phone converts the digital signals exchanging information into the sound and voice of you and the receiving party.

Business Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

Once you switch to VoIP phone systems, your business will save money on your telecommunication expenses if your business makes a high volume of calls every hour and makes long-distance calls frequently.

Businesses that conduct a high volume of conference calls will benefit from VoIP phone systems. Regular phone companies require communication liens. These communication lines can create chaos when putting together a conference call.

With more and more video conferencing being conducted for business purposes, VoIP will also give you a boost in setting that up!

How to Prepare for VoIP

Making the switch doesn't have to be complicated, but a few things to think about before making the move are:

●        Does your staff work in office, remotely, or do you have a hybrid system?

●        What kind of phone plan do you currently have?

●        What's the average time employees spend on the phone per call?

●        What kind of features or latest trends are going to work best for your business?

Start-up Costs

While VoIP will be cheaper than a landline, the features you need can affect the pricing. A high-quality provider isn't going to have any extra charges or hidden fees or limit how many employees can use the service, and it gives you a solid outline of features and their costs so you can choose what is best for your needs.

Switching to VoIP will save you money, but have an established budget for any extra charges you choose.

Migration Process

Before switching to a VoIP phone system, you may need to install software to your devices and transfer your phone number to ensure a seamless process. While some VoIP only works over your computer or specialized phone, others will let you use a traditional phone with an adapter which may also require a microphone.

You also need to know if you're connecting virtual numbers to existing devices and what hardware will be required to complete this step.

Network & Bandwidth

If your Internet isn't up to par with today's standards, switching to a more reliable internet service may be wise before implementing the VoIP system. After all, VoIP will only be as fast as your Internet.

To get started, narrow down your needs, identify the number of employees using the VoIP system, and ensure enough bandwidth for everyone. It's also recommended to find out if firewalls will block the VoIP traffic and if your current router is compatible with the system.

Transferring call history, contacts, and messages are dependent on how much data you have, so an upgrade may be necessary to make the transition as easy as possible and create minimal impact on your employee's daily tasks during the switch.

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