Looking Ahead: VoIP Trends for Businesses in 2023
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Looking Ahead: VoIP Trends for Businesses in 2023

With the growth in the VoIP market, it is showing no signs of slowing. The truth is, it's speeding up, and staying on top of the growing trends can help keep your business as a front-runner. More companies are beginning to realize that enhancing their business phone systems is crucial and are relying on the VoIP system features for good reasons, so let's see its projected trends for 2023.

What is VoIP?

VoIP Stands for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, and its primary function is to route calls over business internet instead of landlines. It's used with hosted and on-premise phone systems and allows the information to be transmitted at a lower cost than traditional lines.

Tuning into 5G

Businesses need to keep up with their competition, and this will require a communication process that is streamlined and fast, which is why 5G is being adopted in the VoIP market. This technology is set to transform connectivity because it enables faster communication and responses while eliminating packet loss and call jitter during data transfer. Because of these benefits, one of the biggest trends is incorporating 5G to support the VIP systems.

Advanced AI is Becoming the Standard

Artificial intelligence is a standard part of our everyday lives. Whether it involves picking shows for you on Netflix or filling your social media news page, its job is to ensure you get relevant updates. VoIP is adopting this, and it's projected that 95% of customer interactions will be done with AI technology by 2025. This results in a trend that involves finding ways for companies to incorporate AI technology into their current VoIP system to maximize its benefits.

Companies Are Turning to UCaaS

Cloud phone systems are now a more cost-effective option for businesses than in-house networks. VoIP makes it possible to have phone calls over the internet, a feature that a UCaaS platform needs to function, and with the reported growth predicted at over $24.8 billion by 2024, this trend cannot be ignored.

Analog Telephones Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Technology is enhancing the demise of landline systems is inevitable. With less than half the number of households in the United States having landlines, VoIP systems will become more sophisticated to meet the customers' demands. They can offer support in areas such as video calls, social media, SMS, chat, and e-mail, meaning the right investment for businesses is in the flexibility of VoIP platforms.

Enhanced Security for VoIP

Between online learning, class collaboration, and on-demand access, VoIP systems can also become targeted and vulnerable to hackers. So one of the future trends is finding new ways for companies to prepare themselves as they roll out these systems for their communication. To counter this, cyber security vendors and understanding data security practices can help minimize the risk and reap the system's benefits.

Streamlined Solutions for All Your Technology Needs

VoIP is just one solution to help enhance your business and simplify your telecommunications needs in Minnesota. Business enhancement comes in many forms, and whether you're looking for on-hold music services or digital signage, the experts at Lighthouse Technology Solutions have you covered. Our priority is to put our customers first and ensure the most straightforward highest level of care in every solution we provide.

Whether you need consulting or development options, we are here to start you out with a free quote; message us online or call us at 612-345-9177 today.

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