8 Services to Boost Your Business From Lighthouse Technology Solutions

8 Services to Boost Your Business From Lighthouse Technology Solutions

Technology is creating a bigger impact on business each year. It offers a more sustainable, easy, and advanced solution to support how companies are organized and run, but what options are available to help enhance the overall functions? Lighthouse Technology Solutions has the answers you need, so let's discover some of the best services to boost your business!

Upgraded Phone Systems

It's not uncommon for businesses to replace computers and mobile devices every few years, but business phones don't typically get as much attention. Eventually, the system will be outdated, and finding ways to adapt to new technology can help make collaboration easier while saving you time and money. Upgraded phone systems also help telecommuters stay connected easier, offer quicker response options, and help your business run more efficiently.

On-Hold Music and Messages

Caller experience is becoming a priority for businesses, and with the increase in click-to-call options and mobile ads, inbound calls are growing. Ensuring that the customers are handled properly is crucial because this could be the difference between a lasting customer or a last call.

On-hold music and customized messages are one way to help let the client know that they are still connected and have not been forgotten. Personalized messages also allow you to prepare your clients with specific information or advertise your company's services.

Enhanced Data Storage

Keeping your company and client's information secure should be a top priority. Another option to boost your business's security is by investing in cloud-based storage solutions. These platforms help enhance connectivity performance because you can access data from anywhere worldwide. It's also recommended as a backup plan if a disaster occurs because you don't have to worry about the files being damaged, lost, or stolen.

Customized Digital Signs

It is not uncommon to see digital signs everywhere, and if you haven't already implemented this for your business, you could be missing out on potential marketing opportunities. Digital signage helps get out new information quickly, offers contact list communication, and can attract customers by making your business stand out with images and ads.

High-Speed Internet

High-speed Internet is a crucial part of staying connected, and if your business hasn't integrated this technology, you could be missing out on potential clients and superior connections. High-speed Internet is a cost-effective solution that will support your business to stay easily accessible to customers and employees.

An upgraded system can also enhance customer service support because information can be retrieved faster, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.


Cyber-attacks are becoming a more common issue, and one way to protect your business is by investing in cyber security. Not only does it help protect your data, but it can reduce the possibility of financial damage while at the same time keeping your productivity stabilized because you don't have to worry about ransomware attacks.

Telecom Consultants

A telecom consultant's job is to help you understand hardware and software components in your telecom system. Their main goal is to ensure you get the right solution for your software needs and technical assistance to help you optimize your company's productivity and increase your efficiency in communications.

An expert can help you find the best deals for your business phone and Internet, help manage your IT services, and give you Peace of Mind because you have a provider that is giving you customized solutions you can count on.

Video Surveillance

Your business is an investment, and aside from data storage solutions, having video surveillance is one of the best ways to safeguard your business. Inventory loss and liabilities are two of the biggest concerns for business owners, and choosing the right system combined with having intricately placed cameras around your property will reduce the risk.

With cutting-edge features like smart systems, heat signature analyzing, facial recognition, and detailed information, it protects your property and employees from perpetrators.

Expert Services With Lighthouse Technology Solutions

Technology offers many benefits, from enhanced marketing to improved customer service. Finding a solution that works for your company is the biggest priority, and Lighthouse Technology Solutions has you covered when you need a consulting expert. Whether you need  IT services or a digital signboard for your Minnesota business, our team is a top-rated name in the industry you can count on.

Let's help you understand how technology can help your business through customized solutions today; message us online or call 612-345-9177 for your free quote.

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